Welcome to Volunteer Corner

Volunteers are a major part in helping Destiny Point to continue to operate! Without volunteers we would not be able to continue to provide this wonderful service to women who really want the chance to change their lives.


Volunteer Needs

1. United For Destiny Point Remodeling Project

With the upcoming relocation we need volunteers more than ever in a very short amount of time.  We are so thankful to Rosemary Jadack for donating her home to us in Blenker (halfway between Stevens Point and Marshfield)!  It is a huge blessing to receive such a gift!  The home is ideal for our needs and has land to expand.

This includes but is not limited to:

1st Floor:  *remodeling a bedroom to handicapped codes    * entire kitchen     *adding laundry room. *Running phone lines and wires for automatic fire alarm system and security cameras   *insulate and drywall entire home   *both stairwells need to be replaced to code.  replace furnace and ductwork on 1st floor    *replace water heater    *drop ceiling

On the 2nd Floor (which is totally open)    *we need to  build a hall, 8 bedrooms and a very large handicapped bathroom (2 showers, toilets, sinks)   *Installing tiled showers      *install a furnace and  all ductwork   * insulate walls and attic     *run all new electrical wires and plumbing   *install a new hot water heater ….

Entire Home: replace fixtures and plumbing    *all walls have to be covered with drywall   *house needs to be jacked up on one end     *replace floorings (refinish as able)    *replace 30″ inch doors with 36″ doors   *replace all windows  After everything is roughed in, then the finishing work needs to be done, mudding, painting, floors, trim,  ETC…..

*Smoke detectors, emergency lights and a $7,000 Automatic Fire Alarm System needs to be purchased and installed.   * $30,000+ Commercial Fire Sprinkler system needs to be purchased and installed    *pond dug to hold minimum of 3,500 gals of water    *Build a handicapped ramp     *Make handicapped parking stalls      *Pour cement over drain tile in basement    *insulating the ceilings.

2. United For Destiny Day

Groups/Teams of volunteers are welcome to participate in a United For Destiny Day. We will work with you on picking a day and paring the needs with the skill levels of the volunteers.  If you would like someone from Destiny Point to present this opportunity to your church, organization, club, or large family, we would love to be able to do that! Any group can pick a United For Destiny day to come out and volunteer. Food and beverages and a free t-shirt provided!

If you and your organization, club or church would like to sign up for a United For Destiny Day, or if you would like for information, please call 715-824-5872 or email destiny@destinypoint.org.