Why We Do What We Do

These are the stories of the brave women who have graduated Destiny Point. Every story is different, but they all share one common theme - the story of hope. Take time to read some of these powerful, life-changing stories of restoration. There are countless stories just like these ones and we are so blessed to see life changing transformation take place.


The Stories

Shawna’s Story

“To ease the pain, of my past, I became addicted to drugs. And 6 months after I was adopted, my biological mom committed suicide. Years later I realized that I was heading down the same road as her.”

— Shawna Rogers

Sherry’s Story

“I was in such turmoil in my life and in great need of restoration and healing.”

— Sherry Kujawa

Kristin’s Story

“What was once an artificial cure of sticking a needle in my arm, became a tool to try to commit suicide but my drug buddy would always give me the antidote to pull me out of it.”

— Kristin

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