Who We Are

 Destiny Point provides a safe and healthy environment designed to address the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the students while also teaching women to make healthier life-style choices. over 40 classes are available.  Our program is free of charge to women desiring to change their lives!  All students participate fully in the program, as well as specific programming for each individual based on her needs and behaviors.  Average stay at Destiny Point is 10-13 months to graduate, but they must make a commitment for a min. of a year. It has taken years of unhealthiness, It is worth it to take the time needed to heal.  And then after they graduate, they can live rest of their life living healthier and free of the bondage that they came with. As students progress in healing and overcome unhealthy thought patterns and addictive behaviors,(usually around 10 months) students have the opportunity to participate in: independent living skills classes, financial planning, goal setting, applying for Colleges and tech schools, and applying for jobs. We believe that identifying and resolving the deep underlying causes of unhealthy behavioral choices will result in life-changing transformation. Our main goal is their healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ, without that, any other plans set, will self-Sabotage due to falling back in destructive behaviors.  In the belief that each person is created for a special purpose, Destiny Point strives to provide Biblically based programs that help each woman, child and unborn child fulfill their God-given destiny. We continually seek to provide the environment needed for total life changing transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the whole person; physical, spiritual, social and emotional through our comprehensive program providing guidance, training, lifestyle awareness, mentoring and structure. Our women’s home provides the environment needed for total life changing transformation